3 Ways to Work with Entrepreneur Campfire

No fancy sales pitch, just what you want and how you can get them.

Entrepreneur Campfire is read by more than 17,000 readers from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia and the world every month. People come to Entrepreneur Campfire to look for information to help them start or grow their businesses. As such, here are some opportunities you can tap on to help your business:

Advertise on Entrepreneur Campfire

As Entrepreneur Campfire is mostly a business resource website, I will only be able to accept ads from a limited number of niches, including but not limited to:

  • If you have a franchise business you would like to advertise to look for potential franchisees
  • If you are a service provider for businesses (digital marketer, accountant, lawyer etc) and would like to get more leads for your business
  • If you have an affiliate program you would like to promote

If you have been thinking about reaching more people online, get in touch with me here for the latest rates.

The rates for ads on Entrepreneur Campfire are highly affordable, even for small businesses.

Consultation (Limited Spots)

I run multiple businesses across different industries (online and offline retail, online-to-offline, merchandise, furnishings etc) on a full-time basis with a combined yearly revenue in the mid 6-figure range.

As such, if you are a small business owner looking for someone to advise you on your business, I have a few slots open for email and phone consultation with me.

Two packages are available. You can opt for the a-la-carte 30-minute session or a 6-month long consultation.

If you are interested, please send me a message also to check on availability.

As I am pretty busy running my own businesses, I can only open up a few slots for consultation for every cycle. Once these are all booked, I will not be available.

This is something I’m doing mainly because of high demand, but I may or may not continue this in 2019 as I am getting busier.

Content Marketing / Article Write-up for Your Business

This year, I have also started offering content marketing services for small businesses. If you are unfamiliar with what content marketing is, it is a way of attracting people to your business using content such as articles, videos, slides, photos, and infographics. For this year, I will be focused on offering article write-ups for businesses and nothing else.

I have used content marketing not only to grow Entrepreneur Campfire, but also a few other sites I am working on.

The best thing about content marketing done right is that it is evergreen: you only have to work once, and then, with very minimal maintenance, reap the rewards for years.

If you are interested in growing your business using content marketing, send me a message.

As this is something new I’m trying out, I’m offering very competitive rates for high-quality, well-researched and Google + Human friendly articles.