7 Expert Tips on Starting a Successful Blog

If you’ve already started a blog for your business, the next thing you want to do is get more people to read your blog. By getting more people to read your blog you will be able to get more leads which can then turn into customers.

In this article I will show you how some of the most popular bloggers have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits from their blogs and how they’ve been able to do that using their blogs.

1. Know who your readers are

One of the key methods to creating a successful blog is knowing exactly who you are writing for. Knowing exactly what your readers are like, according to Neil Patel’s Guide to Building a Blog Audience, will help you create content that your readers will likely use and share with their friends.

Be specific when you think about who your users are. Ask yourself questions like:

– Who are they? (Are they male or female? How old are they? Where do they live?)
– What do they do? (Where do they work? What is their role?)
– What are their biggest pains? (Do they have problems advancing at work? Is their growth plateauing?)
– Where do they usually hang out? (Starbucks? At their nearby office? A co-working space?)
– What are their interests? (Are they interested in football? Or basketball?)

Once you define the specifics of your readers you will find it easier to create content that your readers will find helpful and want to come back for more.

2. Use a simple blog design

When you are starting out it’s tempting to use fancy blog templates. However, expert bloggers usually pick a clean design that makes it easy for their readers to focus on the most important part of their blogs: the content.

Copyblogger.com, a content marketing site, has over 100,000 members in their free myCopyblogger membership. They use a clean design that makes it easy for their readers to find what they want and read what’s available.


Remember, your goal is not to impress your readers with fancy designs. Often these fancy designs slow down your page and makes it difficult for your readers to find the information they need.

3. Use simple words

The best way for you to build a conversation with your readers is to use words that are simple and easy to understand. While it is tempting to use complex words or industry jargons, don’t. These only confuse readers who are unfamiliar with them.

When your readers don’t understand what you are talking about, their attention fades and they will leave your site. Neil Patel famously uses 5th grade vocabulary for all his posts, even though he’s an expert marketer who knows a lot more marketing jargons than he shows on his blog.

Most popular bloggers like Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome.com and Derek Halpern of SocialTriggers.com use words that are easy to understand. Using words that are easy to understand doesn’t make you look like less of an expert. In fact, it helps you look more like one.

4. Write detailed posts that are useful

When writing for your blog make sure what you write is useful to your readers. If you are writing a blog about weight loss, make sure your posts answer the most burning weight loss questions your readers have.

For instance, the popular fitness blog for nerds NerdFitness.com often features articles that show readers exactly what to do to get the fitness results they want, like these specific exercise sets:


The articles on Nerd Fitness are seldom vague and give a ton of valuable information that are actionable. They keep readers wanting to come back every single week to get more updates on information they can use.

5. Update frequently

Nothing tells your reader that you don’t care about them than updating your blog once or twice a year. Not only will your content become outdated, not updating frequently also means you don’t have a lot of content for your readers to explore.

The most popular blogs are updated every week. For example, Neil Patel’s new blog NeilPatel.com is updated twice a week. Neil has seen the traffic for NeilPatel.com has grown close to 90,000 in 9 months.

Updating your blog tells your readers you care about them. It also keeps them interested as they know you are committed to providing them with a continuous stream of fresh content.

6. Talk to your readers and encourage them to talk to you

Interacting with your readers shows them that you care about them and want to help them solve their problems. You can do this by encouraging them to write to you via email or leave comments on your site by asking thoughtful questions in your posts.

When they do be sure to reply to their emails or comments whenever you can. Doing this shows your readers that you’re not just a random online person but an expert who is interested in them and their problems.

7. Get more people to read your blog

Finally, be sure to share them in places where many people can read them. You wouldn’t want the useful content that you’ve created to be seen only by a handful of people. That would be a waste of your time and effort. It will also be a shame if people who would benefit from reading your post don’t even see it.

There are many ways to get your blog in front of a larger audience. No one technique or method is best. You have to try them out yourself to see what works best for your type of content. Derek Halpern, for instance, has a marketing technique he calls the drafting technique where he shows you how to get media features without having any prior connections.


There are no shortcuts to being successful at blogging. The truth is that it takes a lot of time and effort to update your blog with really good content a few times a week. However, the relationships that you build with your blog audience as well as the opportunities that you get because of it will be worth it.

I highly recommend you to invest your time in building a good blog. It doesn’t matter if you are new to blogging or even writing. Most bloggers aren’t even that great at writing and have been able to successfully find a loyal following. Don’t worry about making mistakes. You will learn a ton along the way.



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