Making Money with Shopify Dropshipping in Malaysia: My Journey Begins – November 2018

One of the things that I get asked pretty often is this:

“Do you coach people on how to make money with Shopify dropshipping?”

For the last two years, my answer has always been:

No, I don’t. Shopify dropshipping isn’t something I do to make money.

I make money with retail, e-commerce, drop shipping on marketplaces, affiliate marketing and now, offering SEO services.

Generally, I avoid making money using methods that appear too hyped up, which means too many people are selling expensive courses on how to do it with the promise of making quick money.

So while there were many eager students who wanted coaching, I didn’t have the experience and I turned them all down.

Lately though, I’ve decided to take the leap and give Shopify dropshipping a try.

What changed and how I intend to get started?

Well, it all began with a YouTube video.

The YouTube Video That Changed My Mind

I have always had an open mind when it came to learning. When it comes to learning about ways to make money, I told myself, as long as it isn’t illegal, I’ll try it and push it as far as I can.

I’ve done that by building online and offline businesses in various fields.

A few months ago, I decided to open myself up to Shopify dropshipping. Since a good number of people have approached me about it, I decided to cast my prejudice aside and start exploring it a little.

I started to ease into the idea when I stumbled upon this video by marketer Franklin Hatchett:

I learned a lot of new marketing techniques by going through his library of videos on YouTube.

So when I discovered that he had put out a course specifically for Shopify dropshipping at a fraction of what other people were selling theirs, I decided to go for it!

I’ve just invested US$197 in a Shopify Dropshipping course. Here’s Why.

Since I’m still quite new to drop shipping with Shopify, I decided to invest some money in a course to guide me through it.

I’m not new to buying online courses.

I’ve bought online courses since I was 20 and have spent a total of RM15,000 on them. I’ve made a lot more than RM15,000 back from the skills I learned from the courses, so I know they work.

But nowadays, I’ve become much pickier about online courses. There are way too many in the market these days, and most of them are making big claims I don’t think they can really live up to. 

Worse, they’re charging a few thousand dollars for things people can find online for free.

So when I came across Franklin’s $197 course for his Shopify drop shipping course, it immediately caught my attention.

I was wondering to myself… 

Who in the right mind would sell an online course for $200 these days?

What’s the catch?

Well, there isn’t one.

The course is a pretty comprehensive one, a truly A to Z course which covers things like:

  • Producing sourcing 
  • Shopify store setup (even if you are not from the US)
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Chatbots
  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • Building profitable funnels

Basically everything you need to know to run a successful drop shipping business using Shopify. From basics like product sourcing, store setup, IG and FB ads, to more advanced stuff like chatbots and funnels.

If you ask me, just the modules on Facebook and Instagram ads is worth $200! 

If you’ve been shopping around for a Shopify drop shipping course, you’ll know that Franklin’s is one of the cheapest you’ll get. 

Most other similar courses will easily set you back at $1,000 or more. 

At just $197 (or RM800+), I didn’t have much to lose. So about two weeks ago, I bought the course. 

And so far, I’m lovin’ it!

Each video is between 3 – 20 minutes long, and there are literally hundreds of videos inside. For someone like me who can’t really pay attention to hour-long videos, these video bytes have been easy to follow so far.

While just the course materials would have been well worth the $197 I paid, what I love best about this course is the active Facebook group that comes along with it.

It’s pretty active, with lots of newbies like me asking questions and some more experienced Shopify drop shippers as well as Franklin himself chiming in with answers every single day.

I’m still in my early weeks into learning and experimenting with Shopify drop shipping, but I’m pretty hopeful for success with Franklin’s course.

Now, I don’t make course recommendations often, but Franklin’s one on Shopify drop shipping is definitely one I’d recommend. 

If you have $200 (RM800+) lying around and you’ve been thinking about making some money with Shopify drop shipping, check out Franklin’s course here:

Follow My Journey: From $0 to $1000/day With Shopify Dropshipping

My goal with Shopify drop shipping is to grow my Shopify Drop shipping business from nothing to $1,000 a day in sales. 

If you’re one of the readers who have been asking me:

How do I make money with Shopify drop shipping? Can I really make money with Shopify drop shipping if I live in Malaysia? How do I make sure I succeed?

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I’ll write an update when I achieve $1,000/day. 

Some of you may be asking me: Why not when you hit $100/day? That sounds like a lot of money too.

For me, not really. Once you deduct the costs, you’ll likely be left with just $30 – 50 a day. Over a month, that’s only $900 – $1,500 a month. 

While it’s nice to have some extra money, I don’t think that is enough for me to really say: hey, this works.

So it’s $1,000/day or no update from me.

If you’re cool with that, I’m excited to start my journey and have you as my companion!

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