24 Ways to Make Money Online in Malaysia Anyone Can Start Doing (+5 You Should Avoid)

Making money online has become a popular way of making some extra money or even create enough income to replace your day job in Malaysia.

This isn’t surprising.

Making money online is one of the most flexible ways of adding money to your income stream.

You can do it anywhere. Literally.

It doesn’t matter if you are a stay-at-home mom, a student, or someone with a day job, anyone has the opportunity to make money online.

As long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, you can get started right away.

What’s even better is that online, you can make money not only from your own country but even outside of your country. So even if you live in Malaysia, you can make money selling to people living in the US, UK, Australia, Singapore and so on.

Knowing how to make money online can give you a lot of options in life. Imagine if you fell sick and weren’t able to go to an office to work, or if you just want to be closer to home and watch your kids grow up, or if you just an introvert who wants to make more money without having to talk to people.


How do you actually make money online in Malaysia?

Lots of people know about data-entry, typing or online survey methods of making money online. But few know that these are some the worst jobs online if you want to make a sustainable income for yourself.

And even fewer are aware of the opportunities to make even more money online with less effort.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it sorta is.

Unlike people who will you that you’ll get rich tomorrow, I’ll be very honest with you. You won’t. None of these are get-rich-quick-schemes.

But. That doesn’t mean you need any special skills. You can learn skills that will enable you to make money online.

I’ve arranged them by order of how quick you are likely to start making money from them.

Again, I’m not saying you can make money quick, but most people can learn using free online courses or experimentation. The only investment you need to make to get started is your time.

So, if you’re ready to invest some time to learn, I have 24 online money making opportunities for you to build a sustainable income from.

Let’s get to them, shall we?

How Quickly Do You Want to Get Started?

Get Started Right Away (With the Right Skills)

Start Making Money after 1-2 Years

Make (Big) Money in 5 – 10 Years

Get Started Right Away (With the Right Skills)

Alright, we’ll start with the ones you can get started in the least amount of time.

The only catch here is that you need to have some skills already. But don’t worry though, I think these are common skills most people already have.

Let’s take a look at what they are:

#1. Sell writing services to businesses as part of content marketing

Content marketing as a way of helping businesses grow their business is on the rise not only in Malaysia but all around the world:

The reason for this is that content marketing has been proven to be effective in bringing traffic to a website and converting visitors to customers.

While there are many ways of doing content marketing, publishing high-quality articles are one of the most popular.

Opportunity: Writing articles as part of a business’ content marketing strategy can be a more lucrative path than just writing articles for any other purpose. As more and more businesses focus on content marketing, you will have more opportunities to offer your writing services to them.

Earning Potential: RM100 – RM1,000 per article

Skills you need: The ability to write articles that are aligned with the business’ goals with the readers. Some knowledge of SEO is a bonus.

Cost to get started: If you are already a good writer, you may not need much more to get started. But if you do want to have some kind of certification, I recommend getting Copyblogger’s Certified Content Marketer training program.

Copyblogger is one of the most respected leaders in content marketing and you will likely get a lot out of this training. The best part is that you will also get to be listed on Copyblogger’s ‘Hire a Writer’ page where businesses from all over the world will look for your services.

Challenges: The hardest part about selling your writing services is getting your first few clients. You may need to know how to pitch your skills to businesses that are interested in using content marketing to grow their businesses.

Resources to get started: 

Copyblogger.com – this is one of the best sites to get started learning about content marketing.

#2. Share your credentials writing articles and make money online

This is a step up from the content marketing articles you would write in the earlier case. In this case, you don’t write just any kind of article, you write articles in fields you have qualifications in.

For example, if you are a qualified nutritionist, you may contribute by writing articles in the nutrition niche.

For this opportunity, having qualifications in a relevant field is a requirement. The reason for this is because these days, Google has made E-A-T (Experience, Authority, Trustworthiness) more important than ever before.

Image from CDNify.com

What this means is that Google will rank articles about food, education, health, medical and other specialized fields written by qualified authors higher than those written by a layperson.

If a business in a specialized field wants to rank highly on Google, they’ll need to hire you.

The best part is, you can charge higher rates for your articles simply because you are lending your credibility to the website by means of your qualifications.

Opportunity: If you have qualifications e.g. a Ph.D., Master’s Degree in a specialized field and love to write, you have the unique opportunity to sell your services to businesses who want to rank on Google.

Earning Potential: RM300 – RM1,500 per article

Skills you need: Good technical knowledge in the relevant field. Remember, what you write will need to be factual and based on peer-reviewed research.

Cost to get started: If you already have the qualifications, you don’t need much else to get started.

Challenges: Like before, it will be challenging to look for your first few clients. After that, you should be able to get more as you gather more testimonials about your services.

Resources to get started: 

Want to rank highly on Google? 3 simple steps on how to show EAT – this is one of the easiest to understand articles about how to write articles that comply with Google’s E-A-T requirement.

#3. Become an online tutor

Image from BorneoPost.

More and more parents in Malaysia and around the world want their children to get into top schools.

This gives you the opportunity to offer tutoring services that will help the students get the grades they want.

You can join an online tutoring platform to get students or make arrangements with students yourself.

Opportunity: If you have scored good results in your SPM, STPM, O Levels or A Levels, you can earn money by providing tutor skills. Your skills will be sought after by parents and students who want 1-to-1 attention without the need to go to a center.

Earning Potential: RM50 – RM250 per hour

Skills you need: To be successful in this job, you need to be good in the subject you want to teach as well as know how to help students overcome their weaknesses in the subject to get the grades they want.

Cost to get started: You may need to invest in workbooks relevant to the subject you want to teach and also a tablet where you can write notes to share with your student online.

Challenges: The only thing that matters to both students and parents is results. You need to make sure that you know how to help students get the straight A’s they need to get accepted into prestigious schools around the world. This will also mean rejecting students who you know you may not be able to help.

Resources to get started: 

Here is a website you can sign up with to look for students:

Championtutor Malaysia

#4. Sell graphic design services

Visuals are becoming more and more important online these days. They can help attract and keep the attention of an ever-distracted online audience.

Good graphic design is important in all aspects of online marketing: banners, website design, logos, social media images and so on.

Opportunity: Having the ability to create visually appealing images online can be a lucrative skill to have. The best thing is that you don’t need college qualifications to get graphic design jobs. If you can show your portfolio of work done, you can already start looking for clients. Other than looking for custom clients, you can also sell images you create on online platforms.

Earning Potential: RM50 – RM7,500 per project

Skills you need: Graphic design skills

Cost to get started: You may need to invest in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other tools for the job.

Challenges: This field can be quite competitive as more and more people are offering graphic design for ever cheaper rates. Nonetheless, if you can offer something unique in a relevant field, you will be able to get jobs.

Resources to get started: 

16 great places to sell your design work online

How to “sell” your designs to clients

#5. Become a virtual assistant

Many people who run online businesses are in need of virtual assistants (VAs) to help them with administrative tasks.

Hiring VAs frees up time for them to work on other aspects of the business.

The best thing about this opportunity is that most people can do it, as long as you are good at doing administrative work and communicating with your client online.

You can even choose how many hours you work. Some clients don’t require full-time VAs, giving you more hours to do other things.

Opportunity: More and more people are creating online businesses and are looking for people to support them in admin or sourcing roles.

Earning Potential: RM500 – RM2,500 a month, depending on the hours you work

Skills you need: Strong administrative skills and ability to communicate with clients online

Cost to get started: None

Challenges: The barriers to entry for getting VA roles can be low. Just about anyone who has a computer can apply. To stand out, you need to prove how you can be helpful to your employer without getting in the way of the daily work.

Resources to get started: 

Here is an article you can read to learn how to work as a VA, even if you have no prior experience:

How to Become a Virtual Assistant with No Experience

#6. Get a Remote Job

More and more companies, especially ones based in the US, are employing remote workers for their companies these days. There are many benefits to doing this. It reduces the overhead costs of the company and allows the company access to a larger pool of talent.

Even if you are based in one country, it is entirely possible for you to find a remote job with a company based in another country.

Opportunity: The best thing about getting a remote job is that you can work for any company in any country around the world.

Earning Potential: US$1,000 – US$8,000 a month

Skills you need: A skill for a job that can be done remotely: writing, SEO, advertising, programming etc.

Cost to get started: None

Challenges: Remote jobs can have a larger number of applicants compared to local jobs. You need to have enough experience in the field you want to apply in to stand out.

Resources to get started: 

Remote Ecommerce Jobs: Finding the Perfect Career in Ecommerce – use this as a guide on where to find remote work online

#7. Sell Products on Local E-commerce Marketplaces

E-commerce marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee allow Malaysians to start selling physical products online without having to spend money to set up their own e-commerce store.

You can set up your store for free. There isn’t a listing fee.

Even if you don’t have money to stock up on inventory, you can use the dropshipping method to get started.

Opportunity: Local e-commerce marketplaces are a low-cost way to start making money online.

Earning Potential: RM300 – RM100,000 a month

Skills you need: Basic computer skills to upload the products and manage sales and inventory.

Cost to get started: Anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand RM for inventory or RM0 if you use dropshipping

Challenges: Many sellers on the marketplace may drive down prices. You may need to keep looking around for suppliers who can give you lower prices and experiment with promo methods to attract buyers.

Resources to get started: 

Here are two of my most popular guides on selling on e-commerce marketplaces for you to get started with:

Why You Should Sell on Lazada Malaysia and How to Get Started in 2018

Why You Should Sell on Shopee Malaysia and How to Get Started in 2018

#8. Sell products on Facebook or Instagram

Facebook and Instagram remain two of the most popular places for Malaysians to buy and sell.

About a third of Malaysians enjoy buying on these social media platforms.

Like e-commerce marketplaces, it is free to sell on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Opportunity: Take the opportunity to make money online using these social media platforms.

Earning Potential: a few hundred to thousands of RM a month (but the possibilities are really endless)

Skills you need: product sourcing, promoting skills

Cost to get started: RM300 – RM1,000 for logo design, product photography etc, and maybe a few hundred to a few thousand RM for advertising.

Challenges: Like online marketplaces, there are also many sellers on Facebook and Instagram, you will need to know how to stand out from the crowd. You may even need to learn how to optimize ads to make sales.

Resources to get started: 

Social Commerce: What Is is and How to Generate Sales Using Social Commerce

#9. Make Money using Shopify Dropshipping (US)

Shopify dropshipping is one of the most popular methods of making money online all over the world. The reason for this is because it is really easy to set up a dropship e-commerce website using Shopify, even if you don’t know how to code, or don’t have any technical skills.

You can get started in as quick as a few days.

Although you can use Shopify drop shipping to sell to customers in any country in the world, right now the best opportunity is in the US. This is because Americans are the most active online shoppers in the world.

Opportunity: You can get started using Shopify quickly and start selling to millions of Americans.

Earning Potential: RM300 – RM100,000 per month

Skills you need: You will need to know how to manage your Shopify store as well as use Facebook marketing to get traffic. On top of that, you will find it useful to know how to get higher conversions on your e-commerce website.

Cost to get started: $29/month for Shopify and $5/day for Facebook Ads

Challenges: The biggest challenge for newbies when it comes to Shopify dropshipping is finding winning products.

Resources to get started: 

Complete Beginners Guide To Profitable Product Research On Shopify (2018) – use this YouTube guide to help you get started with the biggest newbie challenge

#10. Make Money By Dropshipping on eBay (US)

Just like Shopify dropshipping, there is a huge opportunity to make money by dropshipping on eBay US simply because Americans are the most active online shoppers in the world.

The best thing about dropshipping with eBay is that the listing fees are cheap to begin with. Starting at just $4.95 a month, you can already get started with 100 product listings a month.

Opportunity: Americans are one of the biggest spenders when it comes to online shopping.

Earning Potential: US$100 – US$30,000 a month

Skills you need: Product listing, store management and customer service skills

Cost to get started: $4.95 – $100+ a month for eBay account + $100 – $500 for buying dropship products

Challenges: The margins on eBay drop shipping can be quite low. You need to make high volumes of sales in order to make a sustainable income. As a newbie, your biggest challenge will be to get enough products uploaded for you to make enough sales.

Resources to get started: 

Here is a useful YouTube video to get you started making money using eBay dropshipping:

How To Start Ebay Dropshipping With $0 (What Would I Do)

#11. Create a branded e-commerce business

Other than selling on e-commerce marketplaces, you can also sell products on your own branded e-commerce website.

Locally we already have many success stories of branded e-commerce sites making 6 to 7-figure sales a year. Fitgear, a local activewear company, has even managed to make over 1,000 product sales in less than 30 minutes.

Recently, Oxwhite, a local e-commerce brand specializing in white shirts, has managed to sell 3,000 white shirts within 6 hours of launching. And sales are continuing to pour even after the launch.

Opportunity: With the right product, you have the opportunity to make sales using your own e-commerce website.

Earning Potential: RM1,000 – RM200,000 per month

Skills you need: The two most important skills you will need as a start is branding and Facebook marketing skills.

Cost to get started: RM59/month for an EasyStore site or $29/month for a Shopify site + RM15/day for Facebook ads

Challenges: If you are new to selling online, you will need some time to learn how to do Facebook marketing and how to set up your website to optimize for conversions. Most importantly, you need to be able to come up with a product that Malaysians, and even non-Malaysians may be interested to buy.

Resources to help you get started: 

Compare and see which website builder fits your needs best:

Shopify Malaysia or EasyStore Malaysia: Which E-commerce Website Builder Should You Use? (Updated 2018)

#12. Sell Courses on Udemy

If you are good at something, why not teach other people to do it using course platforms like Udemy?

Since Udemy is so big, you can teach just about anything. As long as there are people looking to learn it, you’ll likely find students.

Take a look at these popular courses created by Malaysians:

Practical & Easy Magic Tricks For Everyday People (731 enrolled students, 3.9 stars rating)

Create A New Tab Override Chrome Extension (63 enrolled students, 4.3 stars rating)

Learn Bahasa Malay (10 enrolled students, 4.0 stars rating)

Opportunity: People all over the world are using Udemy to learn something new. They can do it remotely and at their own pace. You have the opportunity to capitalize on this demand if you have a special in-demand skill to share with the world.

Earning Potential: RM100 – RM5,000 per month

Skills you need: A skill people are looking to learn and teaching skills

Cost to get started: A good microphone and camera will be a good investment for you. If you don’t have money to invest in them, you can always start using your phone.

Challenges: Udemy is a platform with thousands of thousands of courses, with more being uploaded on a daily basis. This makes competition tough. You will need to have a way of standing out or offer a truly unique course nobody else is offering.

Resources to help you get started: 

Here’s a useful guide to help you get started selling courses on Udemy or any other course marketplaces:

How To Make Money With Udemy and Online Course Marketplaces

#13. Make Money Using Hypercasual Games Online

Hypercasual games are becoming a popular game genre in stores everywhere. They are simple games that people play for fun. Games that look like these:

You can make money with these games by selling interstitial banners as well as rewarded videos (where players get points for looking at videos).

The best thing is that you don’t need to know how to code. You can get started using drag and drop games builder like Buildbox.

Opportunity: If you are a games lover, love to design games but don’t know how to code, there is a huge opportunity for you to make money building casual yet addictive games.

Earning Potential: RM1,000 – RM100,000/month

Skills you need: Game design skills. You will need to have some experience with games to know how to create visually appealing and addictive games.

Cost to get started: US$20/month for Buildbox

Challenges: Since they are so easy to build, the hypercasual games market can be a competitive one to be in. But if you can build fast using software like Buildbox, it is possible for you to go through enough tests to create a hit.

Resources to help you get started: 

Here is a good resource you can get started with (paid):

Crushing Hyper-Casual Games (Paid E-book)

Start Making Money after 1-2 Years

This is the section where things get a little more exciting. These are opportunities you will need some time (a minimum of 1-2 years) to build but have the possibility of helping you to generate 5-6 figures of revenues month after month.

Be warned though, you will need to work hard. If you’re ready to work hard, let’s take a look:

#14. Create a money-making website

In the internet marketing world, these are called niche sites. These are sites where you write about a specific topic. The long-term objective of these sites is to grow them into highly-ranked Google sites that will continue to help you make money using Google AdSense, affiliate marketing or by selling your own in-house products.

The best part about niche sites is that you can make money with any kind of traffic in the world, no matter where you are based. Even if you are based in Malaysia, it is possible to target US traffic. (The reason why you want to target US traffic, by the way, is that US traffic usually converts better.)

Opportunity: There is always an opportunity to make money online using niche sites. No matter how saturated a niche looks, there is always a new way to look at the same niche and make money from it.

Earning Potential: RM1,000 – RM300,000 a month

Skills you need: You need to have a way of bringing people to your website. This can be using SEO, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook. Bringing people to your site will be your first challenge in building a niche site.

Cost to get started: RM300 to setup your website with domain and hosting

Challenges: The biggest challenge when starting out is finding a niche. With so many niches to choose from, which one should you start with?

Resources to help you get started: 

Use this guide to help you discover a profitable niche:

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Profitable Niche

Use this guide to set up your first website:

How to Create a Website for Under RM300 in Malaysia Even if You Don’t Know How to Code

And use this guide to learn how to drive traffic to your website using SEO:

How to Get Started with SEO in Malaysia: A Step-by-Step for Complete Beginners 

#15. Sell SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most popular ways to get free, organic traffic from Google to your website.

Most businesses would be happy to get at least 50% of their traffic from SEO. If you know how to help other businesses bring traffic to their website using SEO, it is possible to charge them for this service.

Even if you don’t know SEO right now, if you are willing to spend the next one year to learn, you can get the hang of it. You can learn everything you need to know about SEO using free resources online (I’ve not yet paid for SEO training) and by practising using your own website.

Opportunity: Everyday, new businesses get set up online by business owners who don’t know how to use SEO or don’t bother to learn how to use it. If you know how to use SEO to generate traffic, you have the opportunity to start a service agency to help businesses with SEO.

Earning Potential: RM1,500 – RM300,000 a month

Skills you need: SEO skills

Cost to get started: RM300 to set up your own test website

Challenges: For beginners, SEO can be slightly complicated so you will need to dedicate at least 6 months to learn SEO first before taking on any clients.

In the beginning, you will not also be able to charge high rates for your SEO services. But over time, as you gain more experience, you can get higher paying clients.

Resources to help you get started: 

Use this guide to get some basics about SEO:

How to Get Started with SEO in Malaysia: A Step-by-Step for Complete Beginners

Use this guide to learn how to get SEO clients online:

How to Get Paying SEO Clients Online with 12 Slick Tips

#16. Sell leads or help a business optimize their business for leads

Leads are the lifeline of most B2B businesses. If you know how to use internet marketing to get leads, you have the opportunity to make money charging businesses to help them get leads or help them optimize their own online assets (like websites and social media pages) for leads.

The amount of you can charge per lead or for your service varies depending on the industry your client is in and how much they can make per lead.

For example, if you help a lawyer get clients and each client is worth RM5,000, you can easily charge them a few hundred RM for each lead.

Opportunity: Businesses often hire agencies to help them get leads. However, right now not many people in Malaysia are focused on lead generation services. If you are able to get good at this, you will have the opportunity to create a sustainable income stream for yourself.

Earning Potential: RM30 – RM3,000 per lead

Skills you need: Know how to generate leads for businesses. You can do this either by using free or paid marketing methods.

Cost to get started: It depends on the method you use to get leads. If you decide to use paid advertising, it can cost anything from RM15 to RM1000 per day.

Challenges: A lot of small businesses in Malaysia need fresh leads but are unlikely to pay someone else to just get leads for them. It will take a lot to convince them.

You will need to learn how to get the clients to see the value you are providing for their business.

Resources to help you get started: 

Use this guide to help you get started selling leads:

How to sell lead generation for the big $$$! – this is a forum message, but I think would be a useful starting point for you to get started with selling lead generation services.

#17. Sell Leads Through a Lead Generation Website

Unlike the service before this, for this opportunity, you create and rank a website in a particular niche, and then look for clients (local businesses) who rent the site from you to get leads.

For example, you rank a website for handyman in Malaysia (www.examplehandy.com). Then you look for businesses that are providing this service and put their logo and contact number there.

You can make money by renting them the entire site for a flat fee, or charge them by the number of leads they get from the site.

If you ask me, it is much simpler to rent them the entire site. But it really depends on how you want to manage the leads for them.

The best part about this opportunity is that you don’t have to wait on just one client. If the client leaves, you can get a new client (that is, provided that you pick a large enough niche to have enough potential leads).

Opportunity: If you know how to do local SEO, you have the opportunity to create websites in a large number of niches and get local businesses to pay you to put their brand on those websites.

Earning Potential: RM500 – RM5,500 a month.

Skills you need: SEO skills to rank a website on Page 1 of Google

Cost to get started: RM300 to set up the website

Challenges: Lucrative service niches can be hard to rank in, you may need to really know your SEO

Resources to help you get started:

You can use this guide to get started building your rank-and-rent websites:

Rank and Rent 2018 Guide [10 Steps To Recurring Income]

Use this guide to learn how to use SEO to rank sites:

How to Get Started with SEO in Malaysia: A Step-by-Step for Complete Beginners 

And this guide to set up your website:

How to Create a Website for Under RM300 in Malaysia Even if You Don’t Know How to Code

#18. Sell Flagship E-book and Courses

While it is possible to sell your courses right away on platforms like Udemy, as I mentioned above, Udemy can be a very competitive space. Other than that, the prices you can charge is quite low.

The alternative is to sell flagship e-book and courses that people can get nowhere else but your own website.

To do this, you will need to first build yourself as an authority in a specific niche. This will usually take a minimum of 1-2 years before you can launch a product. This is to build trust with your audience.

Opportunity: People are always on a lookout to learn things online and if you can teach people a skill they want to learn, you can start making money.

Earning Potential: RM9.95 – RM199 per e-book and RM300 – RM3,500 per course

Skills you need: A specialized skill people are actively looking to learn and are willing to pay for

Cost to get started: RM300 for a website and

Challenges: Building enough trust with your audience can be challenging at first if you are not someone with any experience.

Resources to help you get started: 

Use this guide to learn how to make money with ebooks:

How to Make Money With Ebooks Online

Use this guide to learn how to get started with an online course:

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating, Selling, and Profiting from an Online Course

Guide on how to set up your website:

How to Create a Website for Under RM300 in Malaysia Even if You Don’t Know How to Code

#19. Make Money through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing remains one of the popular ways of making money online. With affiliate marketing, you can make money helping other people sell their products and services.

When you make a successful sale, the merchant will give you a commission.

Opportunity: More and more businesses are looking for third-parties to help them sell their products as this creates trust with their potential customers.

If you can build yourself up as a trusted authority in a particular field, you can start recommending and selling products to your audience and start making money with affiliate marketing.

Earning Potential: RM100 – RM10,000 a month

Skills you need: The first thing you need to do is build yourself as an authority in a particular niche. To do this, you must have the skills to attract a large following who trust you and will likely buy things you recommend.

Cost to get started: You can get started for free on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. But if you want to get started with a website, it will cost you around RM300 to get started.

Challenges: If you don’t yet have a following, you will need to spend time building it up.

Resources to help you get started: 

Read my guide on how to get started with affiliate marketing in Malaysia:

How to Make Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing in Malaysia: Case Study + Guide

Guide on how to set up your website:

How to Create a Website for Under RM300 in Malaysia Even if You Don’t Know How to Code

#20. Become a Blogger

Although personal blogs have become less popular in place of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, there is still an opportunity for you to make money with blogging if you can specialize in a niche.

A good example of a popular blog that makes money online is Suraya’s personal finance blog RinggitOhRinggit.

Opportunity: Especially in Malaysia, there aren’t many high-quality blogs in specialized niches right now. If you are able to find a niche that many people are interested in, you have the opportunity to build yourself as an authority in that niche and start making money from the traffic you get.

Earning Potential: a few hundred to a few thousand RM a month from Google AdSense, display advertising, affiliate marketing and sales of your own products

Skills you need: Writing skills, SEO skills, online promotion skills

Cost to get started: RM300 to set up your own website.

Challenges: Choosing a profitable niche can be one of the biggest challenges when starting a blog. The right niche will enable you to be able to get enough traffic to create a sustainable income stream from your blog, but an unprofitable niche can make it difficult to make money online no matter how hard you work.

Resources to help you get started: 

Read my guide on how to start a blog:

How to Start a Blog in Malaysia in 2018: The Easy Beginner’s Guide

#21. Become a YouTuber

YouTube provides a platform for anyone to make money with videos. The most popular way of making money on YouTube is using ads and creating sponsored videos.

Ads and sponsored videos aren’t the only way you can make money using YouTube, however. Becoming a popular YouTuber can open doors to opportunities for affiliate marketing as well as selling your own products and merchandise.

Popular YouTubers Shawn and Keat from Epicism have used their popularity to start selling branded t-shirts.

The thing is, though, YouTube isn’t only for entertainers. You can do anything on YouTube.

Raymond Chew from Malaysia has actually created an entire channel dedicated to STPM subjects.

Opportunity: You can create a YouTube channel and make money in just about any niche. Whether you decide to be an entertainer or to teach people a skill on YouTube, if you gain popularity, you will be able to gain access to more opportunities to make money online.

Earning Potential: RM1,000 – RM20,000 a month

Skills you need: A skill that people will want to tune into as well as some amount of video editing skills

Cost to get started: A good camera and microphone may be helpful, but if you can’t afford that, you can always get started with your phone.

Challenges: Changes in YouTube’s algorithm recently can make it difficult for newbies to gain exposure. Though so, this does not mean it is impossible. You only need to meet their stricter requirements.

Resources to help you get started: 

Use this guide to learn how to get started on YouTube:

10 Things You Need to Do When Getting Started on YouTube

#22. Sell Facebook Advertising Management Services

Facebook has become one of the most popular apps and website in the world. Malaysians, especially, have moved up the ranks and became the country with one of the most number of Facebook users in the world.

For businesses who want to reach out to their potential customers, Facebook is the place to be. With Facebook’s organic reach plummeting, it has become important for businesses to optimize their Facebook ads in order to get more conversions on the platform.

This has given rise to an opportunity for you to help businesses with the right skills to help businesses achieve this.

Opportunity: If you know how to optimize ads to help businesses increase sales, you will have the opportunity to get paid to help businesses create and manage their ads.

Earning Potential: RM1,000 – RM3,500 per client per month

Skills you need: Knowledge of how to use Facebook to achieve business goals (capture leads, increase brand awareness, increase conversions)

Cost to get started: A few hundred RM to a few thousand RM to test Facebook marketing for yourself

Challenges: Many people are offering these services. The way for you to stand out is by delivering results.

Resources to help you get started: 

You can use this guide to get started with Facebook advertising:

The Complete Guide to Getting Started with Facebook Ads

#23. Start a podcast and sell sponsorships

Podcasting is a relatively new opportunity in Malaysia. With millions of Malaysians spending hours of their time in commute, there is an opportunity for you to become part of their usual programming to and from work if your content proves enticing enough.

BFM is one of the best examples of a popular business podcast in Malaysia.

You can make money by getting businesses to pay for sponsorship to be featured on your podcasts. These features usually mention the business and explain their products and services to increase awareness of your listeners to what they have to offer.

Opportunity: If you produce quality content that Malaysians are interested in, you have an opportunity to tap into an unsaturated market in Malaysia.

Earning Potential: RM300 – RM10,000 a month

Skills you need: Be able to talk in an attractive way for you to draw in an audience.

Cost to get started: With podcasting, the most important thing you need to invest in is a microphone. A good microphone will cost you around RM300 – 800. I recommend the Rode Podcaster if you want to get started with just one piece of equipment.

Challenges: The biggest challenge will first be to get people to listen to your podcast. The second challenge will be for you to get sponsors.

Resources to help you get started: 

Podcasting for Beginners: The Complete Guide to Getting Started With Podcasts

Make (Big) Money in 5 – 10 Years

Here is where things get the most exciting. This is the one opportunity that most Malaysians can make money from but don’t.

What is it?

Let’s take a look:

#24. Sell Your Established Websites

Many Malaysians are not aware of this opportunity, but million RM website sales are happening in our country.

Check out how much these websites are sold for:

iBilik.my, a marketplace connecting people who have rooms for rent and people look for rooms to rent sold a 90% stake in its company for RM13.5million:

Star Publications units to acquire 90% stake in Ocision for RM13.5mil

Yeap, you read that right.

But it’s not only marketplace platforms that sell. Media giant Prima Media recently bought over Rev Asia for RM105million:

Rev Asia Enters Into Landmark Deal Of RM105 Million With Media Prima Digital

How much your website will sell for depends on how popular your website gets and what your website does.

Opportunity: More and more businesses want to expand their digital footprint. If you have the ability to build websites that attract millions of visitors a month and generate revenues every single month, it is possible for you to sell your website.

Earning Potential: RM50,000 – RM3 million per website

Skills you need: The skill to build websites that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors a month. May include SEO and social media marketing skills.

Cost to get started: RM300 to get started with a website

Challenges: It can take a long time to build up a website up to be worth 6 or 7 figures. You will need to be quite patient and keep building your website.

Resources to get started: 

Read this guide about how to determine how much a website is worth:

How To Sell A Website – How Much Is Your Website Worth?

Guide on how to set up your website:

How to Create a Website for Under RM300 in Malaysia Even if You Don’t Know How to Code

Start with Caution

You have seen the 24 opportunities above that you can make money with. Now, let’s take a look at the common opportunities you can find online, but in my opinion, should avoid and why:

#1. Basic website setup design services using WordPress

While I think this is a service you can add this to your business, I really do not think you should start off with offering this service. The main reason for this is it has become very easy to set up a website using WordPress.

This means that website setup costs are going to drop lower and lower as more and more people can DIY their own websites.

Unless you have a truly unique approach to setting up and designing a website, you will be earning peanuts. It would be much better for you to sell SEO services, lead generation services or even Facebook marketing services. These would be a much better use of your time for the long-term.

#2. Forex Trading or Stock Trading

There are gurus out there who will sell you training for a few thousand RM, promising you that you will be able to make money with stock trading with their ‘proven system’.

While there are many such gurus in any space, I think it is especially dangerous to trade in Forex or stocks because on top of paying for the training, you also need to pay for the training as well as put in capital to pay for the Forex and stocks which can cost you a few thousand RM more.

This can set you back anywhere from RM10,000 to RM100,000.

Sure, there are people who will do well in this, but not everyone would. This is a huge gamble.

#3. Cryptocurrency price speculation

Cryptocurrency is pretty hot right now, but that doesn’t mean you should get into it.

Although some people may want you to believe that it is easy to game the system and make money just to sell you a course, it is unlikely that a newbie can make money with cryptocurrency simply by following some kind of system.

Many people around the world have lost their entire life savings, their marriages, and even their own lives because of their blind trust that cryptocurrency will make them rich.

Don’t fall for any courses or systems that promise to teach you ‘secrets’ to making money using their systems. Avoid cryptocurrencies if you have no idea what it is about.

#4. Typing jobs

Typing jobs are one of the easiest jobs online. Anyone can do them. But also because anyone can do them, they are very competitive, driving the prices way, way down.

Worse, you don’t add any useful skills to your resume to enable you to possibly earn more money in the future.

#5. Data entry jobs

Like typing jobs, data entry jobs are for everyone and anyone and do not add any useful skills to your resume.

Unless you are truly desperate, I would avoid these jobs as well.


Making money online can provide a flexible option for you to make additional income, or even eventually replacing your income.

Although there are many ways to make quick money online, I think it is much better for you to invest your time in opportunities that can allow you to make at least a few hundred RM a month, month after month.

Over time, as you gain more experience, you can increase your income by charging more for your services, increasing your income to a few thousand RM a month.

With a few thousand RM a month, you have then have the option to decide if you want to quit your job to focus on your work online.

There you have it! 24 opportunities to make money online in Malaysia I think you should explore. Is there any other opportunity you’ve found? Share them in the comments below!

By the way, I am always on a lookout for more and more ways to make money online and will likely be updating this list from time to time. If you are interested to know more about how to make money online and offline, do subscribe to my newsletter below!



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