EasyStore vs SiteGiant: Which Malaysian E-commerce solution is the best for you? [Quiz]

Since I write about a few e-commerce solutions like EasyStore and SiteGiant, this is a question I get asked pretty often.

Although EasyStore and SiteGiant have many great features in common, they also differ from one another in significant ways.

To guide you on which one to pick, I’ve created this quiz to help you decide based on your preferences.

Though this is a rough guide, I hope it will lead you in the right direction. I still recommend reading both my guides on EasyStore and SiteGiant before you make a decision but if you want a quick guide, do take this quiz to find out which Malaysian e-commerce solution is better for you 🙂

Lu Wee Tang
Lu Wee is the Founder of The Entrepreneur Campfire. The Entrepreneur Campfire (TEC) is where smart entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia gather. You can find practical articles on how to grow, market and scale your business on TEC.


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